The PASS IT DOWN Initiative

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The PASS IT DOWN Initiative seeks to mentor young people as a diversion to gang involvement by promoting values, self-esteem, along with the promotion of literary expression through the publication of books and/or compilation publications authored by these young people.

Services provided by the PASS IT DOWN Mentoring Program Include (where everyone who has a mentor becomes a mentor):

– Monthly meeting space
– Meal to be served each meeting
– Donation of work related attire
– Van to transport members/ supplies to and from meeting space
– One police volunteer to speak to youth at each monthly meeting
– Services to expunge felonies and misdemeanors on record (where permissible)
– Donation of bus tickets/gas vouchers for members to attend meetings, school, job interviews and work
– Medi-Cal application assistance  and computer donations
– Monthly small rewards for good behavior and striving to succeed (gift cards, movie tickets, etc)
– Help with financial aid for education applications and donations to help pay for school for members
– Opportunity to become a published author

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