The Haven of Peace Initiative


The Haven of Peace Initiative seeks to provide support for spouses of bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder and PTSD.

Some Services Include:

– Weekly meeting space
– Refreshments each meeting
– Childcare for each meeting (donation of toys, books, snacks and movies)
– Monthly sm rewards for members (gift cards, sample products, etc)
– Volunteer therapist for monthly therapy per member’s request
– Donation of computers 2-3 for members to apply for public aide, etc
– Donation of bus tickets/gas cards for members to attend meetings
– Bi weekly food box distribution and gently used clothing and shoes (Must not look worn or outdated. Must be pre-cleaned)
– Significant discounts on meds for mentally I’ll spouses for each member of support group, if individual does not qualify for Medi-Cal
– Help with Federal Housing/ Low Income Housing/ disability applications (to actually become approved)